Machine for the production of medical pouches


 SA-M RW machines are designed and engineered to make high tech flat and gusset rolls, for the medical market.


The SA-M RW machine is flexible, technologically advanced with an ease of use concept and capable of producing a wide range of high quality rolls.

All SA-M RW machines can run with Medical grade paper, Tyvek®, PET/PE, PA/PE, PET/PP, or coextruded materials both printed or unprinted, granting high performances and high reliable seal. A wide range of options is available to meet any customer’s needs and to offer tailor-made solutions.

The SA-M RW, with its patented chevron sealing station, is available in two different useful sealing widths: 650 mm (25.6”), 950 mm (37.4”), capable to produce any of the following products:
• Flat rolls
• Gusset rolls


Fully-equipped with Siemens components, the SA-M RW model is entirely controlled by a state-of-the-art HMI based on Profinet®, one of the most advanced communication protocols. It controls independently and in real time each one of the installed stations/tools and, consequently, the whole production process. As each station is independent, servo driven and plug and play.

We engineered the SA-M RW to be customized according to different production needs, granting the capability to be upgraded later, without changing the original structure. Always focused on our customers’ needs and knowing that energy costs are expensive variables for each manufacturer, we engineered the SA-M RW with dedicated components that allow recovery of kinetic energy to save them.

In addition, the above-indicated technology and an innovative graphic interface allow SA-M RW to offer different production cycles and a wide range of accessories dedicated to the process control:
• Vision system
• Fully customizable data-collecting systems
• Automatic stations and tool-positioning systems

Technical data

    SA-M RW 06 SA-M RW 09
Useful sealing width mm 640 940
Max. roll diam. mm 1000 1000
Max. finish roll diam* mm 400 400
Max. film speed* m/min 60 60

*Data subjected to thickness, type of material, pouch dimensions, quality of the film, printing type.