Machines for the production of wicket bags


SA-W automatic wicket bag making machine


The automatic high performances making machine SA-W has been designed to produce a wide range of wicket bags like bottom gusseted bags, bread bags, chicken bags, hygienic bags and diaper bags (both with cross handle or paramount shape). The machine design offers to the customer a really high flexibility in both bag type and sizes, in order to maximize the investment with a short term payback.


The SA-W is fully servo driven and equipped with the latest state-of-the-art components that, controlled by a HMI based on Siemens Profinet protocol, grant high performances with ease of use.

As set up and changeover time are critical, Elba designed the SA-W model to grant short and easy job changing.

Machine easy accessibility for set up and maintenance is granted by the new frame design too.

Technical data

    SA-W 06 SA-W 09 SA-W 12
Useful welding width mm 650 950 1250
Min. bags lenght mm 100 100 100
Number of bags per stack   250 250 250
Mechanical speed cpm 400 400 150
Max. film speed m/min 120 120 120