Machines for the production of thermoshrinking bags


SA-V TVB machine has been manufactured to produce high barrier shrink bags with straight/radius seal and with tape/stack collection.



The SA-V/TVB is fully equipped with Siemens components and totally controlled by an innovative HMI based on Profinet®, one of the most advanced communication protocols, that allows to control independently and in real time each one of all installed stations/tools.

It has been engineered with independent and plug&play stations, to allow to offer tailor made solutions according to different production needs, granting the capability to be updated later on, without changing the original configuration.

Always focused on our customers’ needs and knowing that energy costs are always a more expensive variable for each manufacturer, we engineered the SA-V/TVB with dedicated components that allow to recover the kinetic energy and then to save money in this regard.

Technical data

    SA-V TVB 06
Bags width mm 80/600 80/900
Bags length mm 100/750* 100/750*
Max. speed cpm 180 180
Max. film speed m/min 70 70

* Data referred to bottom radial seal