Universal machines for the production of a wide range of bags


SA-U has been designed to be an universal bag making machine for a wide range of bags


The SA-U is considered an universal bag making machine, as it can be fully customized to offer the capability to produce a wide range of bags, from the  simple bottom/side sealed bags to gusset bags, boutique bags, STEB, courier bags, heavy duty bags, security bags and much more.

The high modularity of the SA-U allows to offer to the market tailor made solutions with a wide range of accessories, like string zipper insertion system, flexi loop or patch handle system, wave top cutting unit, rigid handle (just to list some of them).

Some of these optional features, like the flexi loop and patch handle stations, can be installed on the same machine, offering to the customer the capability to run different jobs with the same configuration/equipment.


Each station is independent, as usual on ELBA machines, fully servo driven and plug and play, granting the customer the opportunity to add new modules later without changing the original structure and allowing him to face anytime any new unpredictable market need.

The SA-U is equipped with the latest version of Siemens components and state-of-the-art HMI (based on Siemens Profinet®), that allows an easy setting of the machine, to save thousand of different recipes and to control simultaneously each station of the machine during the sealing process.

Last but not least, to meet different customer’s need the SA-U model is offered in three useful sealing width: 650 mm (25,6"), 950 mm (37,4"),1250 mm (49,2") and 1550 mm (61")

Easy operation, fast set-up time, reduced scraps and low/easy maintenance complete the SA-U machine characteristics and make it a profitable and reliable investment with a short-term payback.

Moreover the SA-U model is equipped with a remote assistance protocol to help customer in supporting their activity with new jobs or troubleshooting.

Technical data

    SA-U 06 SA-U 09 SA-U 12 SA-U 15
Useful welding width mm 650 950 1250 1550
Min. bag length mm 100 100 100 100
Max. bag length mm 1200 1200 1200 1200
Mechanical speed cpm 250 250 180 150
Film max. speed m/min. 125 125 90 75